RTV Slovenija

Ka-BAND DSNG reportage vehicle – RADIO

RADIO Reportage vehicle is equipped and intended for fast live reporting from field. Unit is able to connect through Ka-band satellite or multiple 3G/4G links and audio to the studio and back.
Besides live reporting it is also possible to record interviews and events for sending to central studio in form of media files.
Main system components are roof platform with cabling system, satellite antenna (ND Satcom Ka2Go), air-condition, communication antennas and orange beacons. Vehicle internal equipment is installed in double width 19” rack with central console with power supply and satellite antenna controls. Racks are populated with Studer CoreMix Nano, industrial computer, Senheiser wireless microphone and IEM system, Prodys 3G/4G link system.
Reportage vehicle has integrated system power supply which is independent from engine, and provides up to 4h of autonomy thanks to 5KWh Lithium batteries. Charging and equipment supply is possible also from 230V grid. Charge/supply functionality is parallel and automatic.
Power supply system is integrated in central section of double width rack.
The vehicle provides crew basic protection against the weather when reporting. The team with can be positioned under retractable awning or under rear liftgate of the van. Rear liftgate is also equipped with LED lighting.
Interior can be rearranged with turning driver and co drivers seats 180° and unfolding guest table. Reporter and guest can be seated here having small table, headsets and microphones.

Key facts

Communication Satellite terminal for Ka-BAND – SNG contribution compatible with Eutelsat
Remote contribution for Outdoor events. AUDIO Talkback over IP (G3/G4/Wi-Fi/
ASI/IP Bidirectional Satellite Links – Ka- BAND
Possible upgrade for contributing video content
Equipment Studer ON Air 1500
Senheiser 300 IEM G3-A-EU, Wireless
Microphone ew 335 G3
Prodys Quantum ST DUAL ALL, HG2
Equipment Energy
12V – from Altenator
230V – via external connection to main 230V supply
Authonomus 12V and 230V from the internal Li-Ion battery power supply 4h@1000W
Self-winding reel with 100m of power cable
Place for two more reels
Vehicle Volkswagen Multivan platform
Homologated for three persons
Full Air 4 wheel – Auto level suspension
Crew, comfort 3 persons
Dometic roof air condition
Under floor heating
Awning on one side of the vehicle enables protection for stuff, against rain and snow falls