Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief

Vehicle for radio communication for rapid interventions of the Civil Protection Unit of the Republic of Slovenia

The vehicle is intended for rapid interventions in the Republic of Slovenia and abroad. The vehicle is designed in for communication and coordination between participants, through analogue or digital radio communications, in the field intervention, and also, while driving.
However, the headquarters or home country can be connected via mobile or satellite connections. The vehicle is designed to carry a maximum of four team members. Two of members, sitting behind the driver and co-driver, can communicate, plan and coordinate the intervention unit’s work, while driving to the location. The communication system enables communication and tracking of intervention unit members in the field, as well as monitoring of implementation and directing of intervention unit members.
The vehicle is divided into two workplaces. Working place for operators and a meeting room. Additional meeting space is provided, outside the vehicle, under
the awning – inside the tent. Additional workingmeeting table can be placed inside the tent. Additional mobile radio station and a computer can be, thru connection points in a side of vehicle, connected to the internal computer network.
Operator part; Gives operators complete monitoring of the action through monitoring and radio communication, and provides all support to the management of the action. This section also incorporates two IP telephones that enable fixed-telephony communication.
Meeting room; Allows four people to plan and coordinate the action through radio communication. A TV set is also built in meeting place, for easier monitoring of the information or interpretation of the information, prepared by the operators in the operators part of the vehicle. The vehicle provides its own electrical supply for technical equipment as well as secure energy connection to the energy network.
The vehicle ensures, with an  autonomous power supply system, and the possibility of a connection to the generator, the independence of the energy supply without access to the energy network. Central control system, allows control of lights, sound signaling, installation of a self-adjusting satellite dish, extending of awning and two antenna lifting towers.
The control consoles are installed in different places in the vehicle. The vehicle provides illumination to the surroundings of the vehicle. In addition to the antennas mounted on the roof of the vehicle, a special mechanism for mounting a telescopic tower with a height of 15m is mounted on the side of the vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with air suspension on the rear axle.

Key facts

Communication Satellite communication
Radio comunnication by using Motorola DMR equipment
IP telephones
DVB-T, DMR/GSM/ LTE antennas
Equipment Energy
12V – from Altenator
230V – connection to external energy network
Autonomous 12V and 230V (200Ah Lithium Battery LiFePo4)
230V – via generator
Vehicle Homologated for four persons
Full Air 2 wheel – Auto level suspension
Lighting Additional lights on vehicles side door
Awening on one side of the vehicle enables protection for stuff, against rain and snow falls.
Central control system – POLARIS