ANS-P-1000W portable power supply system

ANS-P-1000 W is an autonomous power system integrated in a robust carrying case. System ANS-P-1000 W is designed to provide a DC voltage 12 Vand 230 V AC power variety of customers where we do not have the possibility of using the mains.
The main elements ofthe system are Li-lon battery 12/100 Ah, BMS battery management system and 1000 W power inverter 12 VDC/230 VAC control and display management system.


Product name Portable power supply system 12VDC, 230VAC
Output voltage 230VAC 50Hz sinus
Output power 1000W@230VAC continues
1100W@230VAC 15min
1300W@23VAC 10 sec
150A@12V (ali users)
lnput voltage 230VAC 50Hz (charging)
12VDC (charging)
Battery 12V/100Ah Li-Ion
Number of cycles 3000 , 1500 by deep discharging
Temperature range -20 to 50°C
Autonomy (230VAC) 40min@1300W, 1h45min@500W, 4h30min@200W
Charging time 1h15min
Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 510x420x260 mm