Company history

The beginnings of the company date back to 1991, when Zvone Volk started servicing test and measurement equipment and computers of the world’s leading manufacturer at the time – Tektronix, in a “craft workshop”. Over the years of business, the volume of work has increased, mainly due to the expansion of the Rohde&Schwarz manufacturer’s programs. So Tomaž Meglič soon joined the company.
In 2007, Zvone and Tomaž founded the joint venture S-TMM sistemi d.o.o., strongly focused on the field of RF. With this, the cooperation with the company Rohde&Schwarz turned into a partnership relationship that enables joint performances in Slovenia and beyond.
Today, the company is focused on RF communications, specializing in the design and manufacture of mobile stations and stations for special needs.
The common thread throughout history is contact with high-quality technology.

Company vision

The company’s vision is to develop systems and products for special needs with the help of high-tech products and its own know-how, the usefulness of which exceeds local needs.
We are a company that, with its own knowledge and its products, helps to reach and exceed the limits in the field of its activity as well as that of the partners with whom we cooperate. With a professional attitude and active cooperation, we build long-term partner relationships.
Through continuous education, we encourage our own development and the development of our own products, which enable us to grow and expand even beyond borders, and thus keep in touch with high technology.
Our values determine the way employees work and behave in the company. Responsibility is reflected in business dealings with partners, and a fair and honest attitude towards colleagues. It is the basis of the company’s operational business as well as in relation to nature conservation. A long-term partnership is a guideline that binds us to quality and dictates continuous education, because only in this way can we satisfy the needs of our customers.

Basic company information

Full company name: S-TMM elektronski sistemi in storitve d.o.o.
Abbreviated company name: S-TMM sistemi d.o.o.
Date of establishment: 22.12.2006
Phone: +386 1 420 24 90
Fax: +386 1 420 24 95
Tax number: SI45039127
registration number: 2258358
NLB d.d. SI56 0205 3025 6181 45 / LJBASI2x
DBS d.d. SI56 1910 0001 0245 097 / SZKBSI2x

Business executives

Tomaž Meglič: CEO

Zvone Volk: Procurator

Experts in the field of radio communication

Projects in the field of critical infrastructure

Quality, reliability, expertise

Implemented projects
Countries in which we operate
Customizations of special vehicles

Comprehensive solutions that create added value.