RTV Slovenija

Mobile measurement system for broadcast

Mobile measurement system is based VW Caravelle or Multivan platform. It is intended of performing various measurements using internal measurement devices and mast mounted antenna. Measurement system power supply is separated from vehicle except charging functionality.
Vehicle is also suitable to be prepared for drive test measurements with just adding suitable antennas
and measurement devices. Different antennas and sensors can be installed on roof platform. Cabling of antennas and sensor is easy
to be accessed in cable channel system hidden inside platform.
Telescopic antenna mast installed at the rear of the vehicle enables elevating antenna up to 10m. Can be computer or manually controlled. Hybrid RF/control cable is winding automatically during mast retraction.
Systems – technical room consists of two working positions with swivel seats, system rack, power supply system, furniture and refrigerator. Measurement equipment recommended is Rohde&Schwarz ETL or equivalent. Space saving method of mounting computer displays gives us up to 20HU rack space above workstation table.
Displays can be switched to four different sources by means of 4×4 HDMi matrix. As well displays are equipped with DVB-T2 and analog tuner for direct reception of antenna signal.


  • Mobile measurement system DVB, DAB, FM,
  • Possible upgrade to TETRA, GSM, UMTS, LTE…
  • Roof platform with hidden cabling system
  • Telescopic mast with tillable arm (to get 10m height)
  • Antenna positioning Azimuth, polarization
  • Automatic deployment of mast no user interaction
  • RK3 Antenna system controller for automatic measurements
  • Two working positions inside
  • Double width system rack with central control panel
  • LiIon system batteries for autonomous operation
  • Very low RF internal interferences level
  • Built in surveillance cameras and LED lighting
  • Available storage for measurement accessories
  • Data link over 3G/4G to office
  • Can be certified for 4 persons
  • Refrigerator inside
  • More customization possibilities available

Key facts

Antenna and
mast system
Fully automatic antenna deployment
10 m mast height
Electronic compass
0dB gain (compensated RF path)
Automatic bypass LNA
Digital step attenuator 0-31dB 0.5db Step
Manual Variable Attenuator (Continuously)
Equipment Energy
12V – from Altenator
230V – via external connection to
main 230V supply
Autonomous power supply 12V and 230V
from the internal Li-Ion battery and inverter
Vehicle VW Caravelle or Multivan platform
Homolgated for four persons
Comfort Refrigerator
Swivel operator seats